Some feedback from our clients

Online advertising campaign agency

We always get an excellent service!

Each and every request we make is answered quickly by Monlieu’s team. We have rapidly noticed the increase in our business activities since we started our online advertising campaign. We are very satisfied with the services offered by the agency.

Alexis Valois, Enseignes Valois

ABC du chien

Google campaigns with fast results and an excellent customer service!

I’d like to express my great satisfaction regarding your services. In my search for a new webmaster, I’m happy to see that I’ve made the best choice. Your remarkable team has met my expectations and even surpassed them. Your quickness to answer my requests is outstanding and always courteous.

In little time, my turnover has increased significantly and I’m thrilled!

Lucie Clermont, owner of Abc du chien

Services sanitaires Saint-Antoine

Doing business with monlieu is a profitable investment!

We have been collaborating with Monlieu for about two years now and we have always been happy with their accessibility. They are always available to answer our calls almost instantly and we appreciate their professionalism. In addition, we receive a detailed performance report of our online campaigns every month and we can easily see our investment’s positive results.

It is a pleasure to do business with Monlieu!

Manon Richer Services sanitaires Saint-Antoine

Fournitures de bureau Denis

An exceptional service and personalized solutions

Monlieu is a Web services agency we have been doing business with for some time now. We entrusted them with many contracts and we could always rely on their professional service that adapts to our business goals. With great respect for our philosophy and our approach, they offered us customized solutions while helping us to increase our sales.

Jean-Guy Robillard Operations Vice-President, Fournitures de bureau Denis

Développement Chibougamau

A message tailored for you

Generally, a corporation’s website is dense with information and displays a variety of contents intended for people with different interests. In this regard, the talent and flexibility of Monlieu’s professional writers were invaluable. The writing of our site’s texts was carried out with great mastery and we are very pleased with the results.

Céline Collin CEO Développement Chibougamau

Google campaign

A google optimization that proved itself

We have chosen Monlieu to conduct an in-depth analysis of our directory advertisement program and the advice they gave us was pretty sound.

Monlieu also optimized our website because it was not getting enough visibility on search engines. Then we went on with our marketing efforts by launching a commercial links campaign on Google, which had a tremendous success!

Our website is now more visible on Google than ever. This would not have been possible without Monlieu’s expertise.

Maryse Poupart President, Algon 2000

Directory advertisement consultation service

Consultants focussed on results

Monlieu offered us their directory advertisement consultation service. They did a comprehensive analysis of our ad program and provided us with knowledgeable advice. This service allowed us to optimize our impact at a low cost.

In addition, they found errors that entitled us to a refund, and Monlieu managed the whole process from A to Z without us having to do anything.

It’s an exceptional turnkey service!

Monlieu also created for us a new professional website and they currently manage our Google ad campaigns, which yield results beyond our expectations.

I warmly recommend Monlieu for the quality of their services and their professionalism.

Jean-François Dupuis, Operations assistant manager, marketing and advertisement

Website designed professional

An attractive website designed by a professional team

I wanted to give more dynamism and professionalism to my website. Monlieu’s specialists have skillfully reorganized my site, visually and content-wise.

Monlieu’s personnel is very professional, skilled and efficient in minute detail!

Marie-Ève Riendeau Kinésiologue, B.Sc.Kin, Kinésio Conseil

Online advertising campaigns Facebook Google

A personalized, professional and efficient service

We have been doing business with Monlieu for some years for the management of our advertising campaigns on Google, and more recently on Facebook. I’m very satisfied with the services they offer.

The Monlieu team is made up of professionals who have the skills to deliver tangible web advertising results. The high amount of calls we get from our ads every day reflects the effectiveness of Monlieu’s work on our campaigns.

We also receive a monthly report of our campaigns’ results. This report is easy to understand and we can rely on it to make efficient decisions regarding the best strategies to implement at a given moment.

Hats off to Monlieu!

Dominik Grégoire Owner, Desjardins Sport