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website design is made easy with monlieu’s turnkey service!

Our turnkey website design service allows you to be on the web in a structured, efficient and profitable manner. To help you seize the opportunities offered by an effective website, Monlieu Web Solutions will provide you with all the tools you need to make your company stand out and get an excellent return on investment.

You will benefit from :

  • An increased visibility
  • New online customers
  • A better brand recognition
  • A modern and effective website

With our turnkey services, you have access to all website design solutions in one place. From the design and structure of your site to its referencing on the internet by the optimization of its keywords, in addition to geo-targeting and logo creation, Monlieu establishes with you the interactive strategy that suits you best.

With Monlieu, you mind can be at ease. Our expertise allows us to take charge of every aspect of your website’s creation: technical architecture, optimized content writing, interface, video and animation, social media and adaptation for mobile devices.

In addition to its website design services, Monlieu Web Solutions also offers you web marketing expertise

Referenced website design

Since we are experts in referenced website design, you will have access to search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies. Thanks to our efficient approach, it will be easy for you to achieve superior results such as an increased visibility, a fast website and a modern design. Entrust your company’s website design to us without delay!

Choosing Monlieu ensures a high quality of website design and visibility. Your site will meet the requirements of search engines like Google as well as your customers’. They will easily find your website and advertisements online.

Referenced website design

Transactional website design

Want to create an online store? We have the skills to do it for you. With our transactional website design service, your online sales management will be simpler than ever.

Our customized transactional website design solution offers you an attractive and modern interface, user-friendly image galleries and product pictures that represent you, as well as an easy management of your online sales. And no special web programming knowledge is needed to upload your products and monitor your sales.

Your transactional website will have:

  • product catalogs
  • product classification by category
  • easy update of your inventory
  • secured payments with Paypal, credit card, or other platform
  • shopping carts
  • various shipping options (fixed cost, cost by distance, automatic calculation by Canada Post, UPS, Fedex, etc.)
  • online and mail shipment tracking

By combining your customized transactional website with Google paid referencing, your online sales will increase significantly.

Contact us to get a quote for the creation of your transactional website now!