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Search engine optimization (SEO) For an optimal visibility of your website

Search engine optimization

How to be seen and found by a maximum amount of people on the web? To be visible for your potential customers, you must be visible for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing first. Monlieu Web Solutions knows exactly how to help you. Our SEO specialized web writers will enrich your site’s content for a higher visibility and a better natural referencing.

Improving the performance of the keywords on your website with the optimization of its content for search engines or generating traffic using Google ads (advertising campaigns on Google) are winning strategies to increase your visibility on the web.

Choose an agency that is specialized in natural referencing (SEO)

Web writing

Monlieu also offers a web writing service. Whether you need to have content written for a website, a blog, a newsletter, advice on Google Business or any other type of internet communication, Monlieu’s team of professional writers can take charge of it.

Our writers are trained for web writing, correction and search engine optimization, in addition to being language enthusiasts. They will meticulously translate your ideas into writing with great professionalism. Entrust the writing and management of your web pages to Monlieu’s experts now!

The Monlieu Web Solutions agency offers guaranteed results thanks to its expertise in natural referencing. Our skills in web writing and search engine optimization allow us to stay up-to-date with the latest natural referencing trends. It is a constantly evolving field that changes very rapidly. That is why we regularly expand our knowledge with new training and examinations.

Enjoy many benefits with our seo and web writing expertise

We are committed to offering you all of our natural referencing talent and know-how in order to improve your site’s positioning on search engines. Therefore, you will get what counts the most: a return on investment and winning Google optimization techniques:

  • The optimization of your site’s content for search engines
  • A strategy focused on efficient key words and phrases
  • A 114-point verification of your website’s technical coherence
  • Web writing focused on marketing
  • A comprehensive traffic report (Google Analytics)
  • Translation of texts in French

To fully understand google natural referencing and web writing

Web writing is a technique that allows the creation of texts for your website that contain words that will be used in search engines. It is all about anticipating what your customers will be searching for on Google, Yahoo or Bing when they will be looking for information or ready to buy. A website with good SEO work will rank favourably and will appear in the first search results because it contains, in the right proportions, all the words most likely to be searched.

google natural referencing web writing

The best practices according to google

  • Define your goal and target customers
  • Define the most relevant keywords for your activities
  • Optimize the writing of your texts with the help of a SEO and web writing specialist
  • Analyze your site’s performance with a professional of the web
  • Adapt your site for mobile devices
  • Think about adding a blog or social media accounts to your site if not done already
  • Have your company displayed on Google My business to be found more easily
  • Monitor your site’s performance with Google Analytics