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Transactional website design made easy with monlieu’s turnkey service!

Want to create an online store? We have the skills to do it for you. With our transactional website design service, your online sales management will be simpler than ever. Nowadays, more and more people abandon physical stores in favor of buying online. With proven secured payment methods, e-commerce is carving itself a place of choice in the retail business.

Our customized transactional website design solution offers you an attractive and modern interface, user-friendly image galleries and product pictures that represent you, as well as an easy management of your online sales. And no special web programming knowledge is needed to upload your products and monitor your sales.

Your transactional website will have:

Product catalogs

Shopping carts

Product classification by category

Easy update of your inventory

Secured payments with paypal, credit card, or other platform

Online and mail
shipment tracking

Various shipping options (fixed cost, cost by distance, automatic calculation by canada post, ups, fedex, etc.)

Transactional website and online ad placements: a winning strategy

Site Web transactionnel et placement publicitaire en ligne

Your transactional website is not only opening new doors on new markets, it also offers you a plethora of advertisement channels that are a perfect match and can generate tremendous results on the internet.

By combining your customized transactional website with Google paid referencing, your online sales will increase significantly. Among the paid campaigns available with Google, the Google Shopping placement is particularly well suited for e-commerce. On this platform, the results of a product search include a picture, a price, the name of the product and the name of the retailer who is selling it.

What does this mean for you?

As an example, when Sophie is searching for a road bike on Google, ads with pictures appear and she can see right away that the bike you are selling is exactly like the one she wants to buy. By clicking on the image, Sophie will land on the bike’s product page of your transactional website. The only thing left to do is to proceed to the online payment.

The Facebook network also offers efficient and low-cost advertisement solutions. Linking your transactional website to an advertisement showing a collection of products that Facebook and Instagram users can browse will increase your visibility and your chances of making more sales.

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