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Social media management

Today, being on social media is essential for businesses. This enables consumers to follow you and learn about the latest news regarding your company, products or services. At Monlieu, our managers have all the skills needed to ensure you a great visibility with your target customers whether is it with social advertising, web writing or social media management.

Social media management

Creating a business page on social media is relatively easy. It is the first step and all you need is a personal Facebook account. Then you must feed this page with relevant and interesting information. This is called social media management and that is where we come into play. Maintaining a page from week to week requires time, research, analysis, and more time to manage exchanges with your followers. Let Monlieu do the social media managing for you!

As part of our social media management service, we will search for content related to your activities that we can publish in your name on your company’s social pages. We will also integrate the content you produce over time and wish to have displayed. We work in close collaboration with our clients in order to feed their social media in a professional and proactive manner. Our social media management service includes the management of follower feedback, the publication of content (texts, pictures, videos) on a weekly basis and the optimization of the information featured on your business pages.

Nowadays, having just a website is seldom enough. As a matter of fact, having also business social media pages can generate more traffic on your professional website if you share your new web content on them.

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Why having a facebook business page?

1. To create closeness with your customers by allowing them to learn more about your company

2. To encourage commitment from your customers by banking on the social media’s human aspect

3. To create more traffic on your website by sharing its content on your business Facebook page

Social media management