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Google AdWords (SEM) Online advertising placement

Online advertising: paid referencing with google adwords, an essential!

Improve your company’s online visibility now with Google online advertising (paid referencing).

Paid referencing and Google AdWords ad campaigns require a know-how that touches both the content and the media. In other words, online advertising with Google cannot be done the same way as with TV or directory advertising. By choosing Monlieu, an AdWords Google Partner, you’ll have access to the expertise needed to create paid referencing campaigns on the web. No matter what your needs are, our Google AdWords certified professionals can design high performance online ad campaigns that will increase your profitability.

Why advertising online with Google?

Take advantage of the unique visibility offered by paid referencing on the search engine used by over 93% of Canadian internet users: Google. Invest where it counts by paying only for clicks.

Position your website among the first search engine results

Increase your company’s visibility

Generate traffic on your website

Reach a great number of potential customers

Paid referencing: quantified results

Thanks to the Google AdWords and Google Analytics tools, Monlieu is able to create, manage and monitor an efficient online advertising strategy. With every client, we establish goals to be reached with paid referencing, and periodically analyze them in order to get the best ROI (Return on Investment) possible. This makes for optimal results and very transparent work from our part.

The addition of conversions to your advertisements is an invaluable way to measure ROI. A conversion is an action from a consumer that shows an intention towards your company (a click on a phone number, an online purchase, a quote request or registration to a newsletter). By counting conversions, we can see how efficient your online ad campaign is in terms of sales and customer prospection.

To ensure an efficient implementation and management of your paid referencing and online advertising campaigns, each one of our Google AdWords certified specialists has the support of an appointed Google strategist.

Adwords remarketing on google’s display network: be more visible for your potential customers

See your company reach more customers in your target regions and products

Studies have revealed that internet users who have already been on your site are more likely to make a purchase during their second visit. By choosing among more than a million websites on Google’s Display Network, Monlieu Web Solutions can increase your chances of generating sales by showing your online ads again to people who have already visited your site once. This paid referencing strategy is called remarketing.

Why choosing AdWords remarketing?

To be more visible for internet users interested in your products or services

To increase the relevance of your Google AdWords advertisements

To optimize the profitability of your investments and online campaigns

Online advertising on facebook

The Facebook social platform is used by 1 billion people daily. It is a high visibility place where the targeting options are very precise and the advertising costs are low. Why not take advantage of all these benefits by doing business with a Facebook Blueprint certified agency, the only certification offered for Facebook and Instagram advertising?

The Monlieu agency is a Certified Planning Professional. To obtain this unique title, we have been through a rigorous examination process to ensure our mastery of the placement strategies, types of ad bidding and campaign goals. Having this certification means that we are well-equipped to make you stand out among your competitors and give you positive Facebook advertising results.

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With Facebook advertising, the many goals suggested in the advertising platform allow all companies to reach their objectives in their own way. Whether you want to increase your brand recognition at the local or national level, increase the number of visits on your website, get more conversions or reach potential customers who already visited your site to make more sales, we will help you achieve your goals.