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Web advertising Better reach your customers with an overhauled advertising strategy and an effective website

Advertising on traditional media (television, radio, newspapers, billboard and specialized magazines) is expensive and is decreasingly profitable. The Monlieu web agency will help you to take the web marketing turn and reach potential customers who are in the process of purchasing your products or services.

It is obvious that the consumers are abandoning the directories for large search engines such as Google. Fast, precise and much richer in information than other media, search engines offer thousands of answers to the users’ requests. As a result, companies that are not able to position themselves favourably in the result pages are quickly overshadowed. This is where paid referencing (Pay-per-click or Google advertising) proves to be a winning strategy!

Website evaluation

An audit of your company’s website will be carried out in order to evaluate its performance and determine what improvements we could make to it. We will suggest you ways to make your website effective and optimized for search engines according to the latest web marketing trends. For AdWords online advertising to be profitable, a well structured website containing a wealth of information about your products is crucial.

Directory consultation

Monlieu has more than 45 years of combined experience with Canada’s largest directory publisher. Our skills and expertise allow us to offer a comprehensive consultation service related to their paper directories and specialized websites.

Step 1 Examination of your advertisement program

We will review all of your bills and contracts in order to make sure that everything is in accordance with the signed agreements. We will also make sure that you benefit from all the discounts and promotions you are entitled to.

Step 2 Maximization of your investment

We will carry out an exhaustive analysis of your paper and online advertisement programs in every of your markets and identify the best possible options while taking your company’s needs and goals into account. We will make you three propositions: be a leader, be seen and be found.

The limit

We will submit our final report within 30 days after reception of all the necessary documents.

Our rates

In order to best serve your interests, our rates are based on the current value of online and paper directory advertisement.

Satisfaction guarantee

Monlieu guarantees that its solutions will be more profitable than your current advertisement program.

Creative vs directive

Creative advertising

TV, radio, newspaper, billboard, mail and flyer advertisements are all intended to generate a need to buy a product or service. These media are said to be intrusive because they impose themselves upon the targeted customers.

Directive advertising

Search engines and directories allow us to reach customers who are looking for a product or service. Unlike creative advertising, directive advertising is intended for customers who are trying to fill a particular need. Directive advertising acts at a key moment in the purchasing process; when the customer is ready to buy. These media are said to be non-intrusive because they don’t impose themselves upon the targeted customers.

Publicité créative vs Directive