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Benoit Beaulieu website creation web agency

Benoit Beaulieu


With more than 30 years of experience in advertising, Benoit Beaulieu has been working as a professional in large companies such as Bell Canada and the Yellow Pages. Benoit’s strongest selling abilities lie in an understanding of his clients’ needs and a vision focused on results. For many years, Benoit has given sales training and has also written comprehensive sales training material. He founded the Monlieu agency in 2009. One thing leading to another, Monlieu has become a solution-oriented web agency that constantly breaks new grounds. Website creation and online referencing are today the company’s main services. What is Monlieu’s mission? An exemplary customer service and proven advertising results. Benoit sets an example by being always available for his clients.

Isabelle Mongrain marketing google partner

Isabelle Mongrain

Director - marketing performance

Isabelle has studied marketing at McGill University. Her experience in direct advertising is undisputed; more than 20 years in sales and marketing and over two years as a trainer for a major Canadian company. Isabelle is the most able person to improve a company’s online visibility. The agency’s director also has all the certifications offered by Google AdWords, making her an outstanding Google Partner. Her extended knowledge in web referencing and her exemplary customer service are precious, and she strives for the satisfaction of each client. In addition, she knows exactly which strategy is best to assist Monlieu’s clients in achieving and surpassing their goals.

Marie-Josée Pelchat seo referencing google partner

Marie-Josée Pelchat

Assistant director - marketing performance and editor in chief

Marie-Josée has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and writing from the Université de Montréal. With her constant desire to acquire new knowledge, she also has earned a certification in management of written communications for the web. Marie-Josée has been working in sales and journalism before joining Monlieu’s team in 2016. In charge of writing content and managing social media and blogs for the agency’s clients, she also assists Isabelle Mongrain with AdWords advertising campaigns. Marie-Josée is a certified Google Partner too and is always on the look-out for the latest SEO referencing, marketing strategy and consumer behavior trends. To choose the right words to describe a vision and optimize contents for search engines, she is the best in our agency. With over a dozen years of experience with the public, Marie-Josée is very keen to make her clients happy.

Marc-Antoine Beaulieu web agency

Marc-Antoine Beaulieu

Finance Director

Marc-Antoine has a bachelor’s degree in administration from the UQAM and is a certified financial planner from the IQPF’s executive program. Marc-Antoine works closely with the agency’s management team since 2012. He has taken part in the creation of Monlieu’s business plan and has managed all their financial strategies, invoicing and taxes since then. Level-headed, Marc-Antoine is an experienced evaluator who leaves nothing to chance. Thanks to his analytic mind, he is the right person to offer solutions that will simplify one’s work. His skills and efficient methods make him a precious asset for the agency.

Louis-Philippe Beaulieu web agency

Louis-Philippe Beaulieu

Director – business development

Louis-Philippe has a bachelor’s degree in education. With a great ability to communicate and a great knowledge of online marketing strategies, he is responsible for developing business relations with the public and maintaining the agency’s contact with their clients. His mission is to create strong relations, gain new accounts and participate in the development of the Monlieu web agency. An Excellent speaker, he can popularize any difficult term related to the web, so the agency’s clients know exactly what our services are about, and what benefits we can offer to their company.

Charles marketing strategist business development

Charles Roy

Marketing strategist and business development

Charles has a bachelor’s degree in business administration/marketing from the UQO and is actually earning a master degree in e-commerce management at the HEC. As an avid sportsman, he is committed since the beginning of his career to elaborate marketing strategies and business development strategies with non-profit organizations in the sport sector. That’s when he discovers his passion for the online advertising strategies and decides to specialize himself in this field. Charles works closely with Monlieu’s clients in order to optimize various Web solutions and allow them to achieve their goals. His DNA: a challenge, a solution!

website design ecommerce seo optimization

Samuel Dumais

IT service supervisor

Samuel has a diploma in multimedia integration techniques from the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme. He has considerable experience with computers, video shooting and photography. As a matter of fact, he has been working in event video recording for three years. Samuel is the one hiding behind your screen, doing web programming, website design and bug repair. Among his many specialties, Samuel is an expert with Wordpress, e-commerce, SEO optimization, web marketing and PHP. His presence allows Monlieu to be a leader in computer technologies. You have a vision of your website in mind? Samuel is here to make it real.

Emile web translator

Emile Bournival


A translator since 2008, Emile Bournival has worked in various fields such as automotive, health, culture, management and entertainment. His mission is to produce translations that, while maintaining the original message, are flowing and resonate with the target audience. Since the beginning of his collaboration with Monlieu in 2010, Emile has translated many websites, advertisements and administrative documents for Quebec and Canadian companies wishing to develop their presence on the web.