Google Partners

Google Partner© certified specialist

To be recognized as a Google Partner and AdWords specialist, a whole set of courses and a deep understanding of the AdWords platform are necessary. Examinations for each of the subjects (Fundamentals, Search, Display, Mobile, Youtube and Shopping) have to be passed every year. Therefore, our agency has to learn constantly in order to update their knowledge and maintain their Google Partner title. This certification ensures the efficiency of the online advertising placements you make with us.

Choose google partners who are adwords specialists

Google Adwords certified specialists


Textual advertising

Google Display certified specialists


Visual and textual advertising on various partner websites

Google Shopping certified specialists


Image, price and product name advertising on Google

Youtube certified specialists


Video advertising on the Youtube network

Mobile certified specialists


Advertising to promote mobile applications

Google Analytics certified specialists


Digital analytics and Google Analytics

Google Digital Sales certified specialists

Google Digital Sales

Online advertising and sales skills

Bing accredited professionnal

Accredited professional bing ads

A similar testing program applies to be accredited by Bing Ads in order to offer your company the best online visibility. Annually, our experts brilliantly pass their examination and remain on the lookout for the latest online marketing strategies.